Southern DC Traction PSE Wessex & Sussex Substations

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SNV Rail Disciplines

Site surveillance, cable management, UTX installation, conductor rail drop and reinstate

Project Duration

About Project

Southern DC Traction PSE Wessex & Sussex Substations

The project requirement of the Wessex PSE works was to upgrade the existing traction power supply in switching stations at multiple substations within the Wessex region.

Sunville Rail carried out many tasks on this project such as;

· Access and egress to and from the Railway

· General site survey

· Permanent way dilapidation surveys, handback and subsequent monitoring

· Plant and material deliveries and recoveries

· Conductor rail drop and reinstate

· Excavation and installation of UTX chambers

· Excavation and installation of UTX pipes

· Removal of solid sleepers and installation of cable management sleepers

· Back fill and reinstatement of permanent way