Design and Construct Undertrack Crossing's for the DNO Project in the Kent Area

Project Specifications


Kent Group


Monkton - Westbere

SNV Rail Disciplines

Project management, Design, Construction of under track crossings, Possession planning, HV management, Supply of on track plant, SSOW planning, Track monitoring and handback.

Project Duration

6 Months

About Project

Undertrack crossing design and construct for the DNO project - Kent area.

The project scope included the design and construction for new DNO supply at Westbere and Monkton.

The Sunville Rail project team worked closely with our client 'Kent Group' to construct under track crossings at the above sites.

The work scope included the following:

·        Project Management

·        Design

·        Construction of under track crossings

·        Possession planning and HV management

·        Supply of on track plant

·        SSOW planning

·        Track monitoring

·        Track handback