Raynes Park and Selhurst Area – SCADA

Project Specifications




Sussex, Surrey and Wessex

SNV Rail Disciplines

Survey - Design - Project Management - Possession Management – SSOW Planning - Construction - Cabling - Sheath Gapping - Asbuilds .

Project Duration

2 Years

About Project

Raynes Park and Selhurst Area – Supervisory Renewals, Southern Region

The fully integrated system includes full voice and data communications that operate over Network Rail’s fixed transmission network system.

The new system provides the complete control interface for the power network operators, enabling Network Rail to carry out isolations, provide HV phased synchronisation and implement automatic execution and service restoration. The system also provides maintenance information and training and replay modes to support migration from the existing systems.

In the South East of England Sunville Rail works package will support the replacement of the existing electro-mechanical trackside control equipment on the third rail dc system.

The project will run until 2018, during which there will be a phased migration programme to transfer existing controls from the current sixteen separate systems at thirteen control locations, to the new national integrated system to be controlled from Network Rail’s own Rail Operating Centres. The electrification schemes that are due to be completed during this time will also need to be integrated.

The whole system is an essential part of the planned electrification investment being made in the UK Rail network and will deliver flexibility to accommodate future changes to the electrified network.