Pangdean Substation Relocation

Project Specifications





SNV Rail Disciplines

Troughing, vegetation clearance, module base, AC base, Hard stand

Project Duration

9 Months

About Project

Pangdean – Substation Relocation

Pangdean –Substation relocation project involved the replacement and relocation of the existing TRU, main DC circuit breaker, auxiliary transformers, the LV switchgear and distribution equipment, isolating (signalling) transformers, signalling distribution pillar, battery chargers, marshalling cabinets, SCADA and communications equipment.

These were all relocated to the top of the embankment.

As Part of this Siemens project to replace and relocate Pangdean substation, Sunville Rail contributed by providing the following works;

· Construction of a tarmac access road

· Replacement of gabion baskets

· Delivery of plant and materials

· Ground penetration and buried services works

· Installation of wooden and concrete board fencing