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Sunville Rail team member shows true professionalism to save the day

On the  29 November 2018 at Branksome station, a female member of the general public walked off the London end of the station on platform 1. Despite  various attempts by train operator staff on the platform calling for her to stop, she continued to walk onto the track in an apparent suicide attempt. At the time of the incident, Sunville Rail had a civil's survey team working at Branksome station for PC Telent as part of the BBD020 National Scada Project.

Team member  Gary Jackson (SWL) heard the commotion and calmly proceeded to block the women's path and then eventually took action to restrain her from walking further down the track into imminent  danger. Gary tried to talk to her in an attempt to get her to exit the track area, but it became clear this was a serious suicide attempt when an approaching train became visible and she tried to break free. At this point, Gary forced her into a position of safety and back onto the platform where he attempted to calm her down whilst awaiting the arrival of the local police authorities.

 Although there is some sadness as to why this situation occurred in the first place, it is  heartening that it didn’t reach a tragic conclusion because Gary stepped up and made a difference. Gary’s true professionalism and calm demeanor saved the day.